Dear supporter,

Thank you for your help in getting the Right2Learn campaign off to such a great start.

In the new year we will be publishing a Right2Learn manifesto aimed squarely at politicians and policy makers, both national and local. The manifesto will set out our plan to establish a properly funded right to learn for everyone.

The accumulated knowledge, experience and passion of our supporters is vast. That is why we want you to be involved in what goes into the manifesto.

Get involved in this unique consultation by answering our central question: if you were in government right now what would you do to help realise the vision of a right to learn for everyone?

We do not mind if you have one big idea, a dozen smaller ones or anything in between – we just want to hear from you!

Please also share this message with anyone else you think would be interested in contributing.

You can submit your policy ideas to this email address with the message title of ‘Manifesto’, via our twitter account @right2_learn or via the web site comment form here

Our aim is simple: to create a manifesto that is credible, ambitious and which can be applied to both national and local policy environments.

Thank you again for your help so far.

The consultation closes on 15 January 2021 and we would love to hear from you before then.

Whatever you are doing over the coming weeks we hope you have a restful holiday and we wish you a happy new year.

Gordon, Vicky, Graeme, Matt

Right2Learn Steering Committee