How can we make levelling up work?

5.04.2022 5th April 2022
Right 2 Learn

Blog by Paul Warner is Director of Strategy and Business Development at The Association of Employment and Learning Providers.

If we’re serious about skills and levelling up we need a policy landscape that supports aspirations of lifelong learning and practice-oriented complex skills

5.04.2022 5th April 2022
Right 2 Learn

Blog by Professor Nic Beech, Vice-Chancellor, Middlesex University.

Why Lord Blunkett is right to call for the return of individual learning accounts

21.09.2021 21st September 2021
Right 2 Learn

Blog by Jane Hickie, Chief Executive of Association of Employment and Learning Providers.

The Skills Bill and lifelong learning – where are we, and what do we need?

7.09.2021 7th September 2021
Right 2 Learn

Blog from Lewis Cooper. Lewis is Director of the Independent Commission on the College of the Future.

Why has the TES decided not to cover Further Education?

2.09.2021 2nd September 2021
Right 2 Learn

Blog from Anya Cook. Anya is a trade union activist sitting on the Socialist Educational Association’s national executive.

Is higher education’s post-pandemic future blended?

15.07.2021 15th July 2021
Right 2 Learn

Article by Professor Patrick Bailey, Interim Chief Executive, MillionPlus

Dame Ruth Silver DBE and Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE

15.06.2021 15th June 2021
Right 2 Learn

What should a new lifelong learning strategy include? – HE, FE, national, local, inequality and opportunity.

Tom Wilson: Its time to rebuild our learning at work system

27.03.2021 27th March 2021
Graeme Atherton

Tom Wilson argues that the right to learn is meaningless if it doesn't include rights at work itself.

Joel Petrie: Reigniting Lifelong Learning’s Cinders

22.03.2021 22nd March 2021
Graeme Atherton

Joel Petrie argues that lifelong learning should be seen as a non-partisan national priority.

Right2Learn: what we did in our first 90 days

10.03.2021 10th March 2021
Graeme Atherton

Read about the first 90 days of our campaign and about how you can get involved.

Simon McGrath: What can be learnt from the international right to education movement?

24.02.2021 24th February 2021
Graeme Atherton

For campaigners there is much to learn from the international 'right to education movement argues Simon Mcgrath.

Tom Bewick: The skills White paper falls short of a universalist approach to lifelong learning 

1.02.2021 1st February 2021
Graeme Atherton

When it comes to lifelong learning why can’t we adopt the universalism of the NHS asks Tom Bewick.