What should we do now? A manifesto from the Right2Learn campaign

15.01.2021 15th January 2021
Graeme Atherton

In our new manifesto Right2Learn sets out the five principles against which we will judge government policy.

Past, Present and Future: Ruth Spellman and Tim Melville-Ross 

11.01.2021 11th January 2021
Graeme Atherton

Ruth Spellman and Tim Melville-Ross say we desperately need an education service which matches our society's needs.

Jude Mortimer: What do you want to be when you grow up?

4.01.2021 4th January 2021
Graeme Atherton

Jude Mortimer says education for adults needs a more positive image and should be offered without barriers or restrictions.

R2L team: Help make the right to learn real for everyone in 2021

22.12.2020 22nd December 2020
Graeme Atherton

Help us build a Right2Learn manifesto so that everyone has fair access to learning from cradle to grave.

Vicky Duckworth and Matt Waddup: The Right to learn is an idea whose time has come

21.12.2020 21st December 2020
Graeme Atherton

Vicky Duckworth and Matt Waddup on why we must tackle the inequality exacerbated by unfair access to education.

Jonathan Michie: Who will deliver “the right to learn”?

16.12.2020 16th December 2020
Graeme Atherton

Professor Jonathan Michie argues that delivering a right to learn requires cooperation and coordination not competition.

Stephen Exley: Lockdown unearthed inequalities, but it did not create them.

14.12.2020 14th December 2020
Graeme Atherton

We have a rare opportunity to rethink our education system from the bottom up argues Stephen Exley

Bob Harrison: we must break the cycle of deprivation

12.12.2020 12th December 2020
Graeme Atherton

Bob Harrison argues that we must all work together to transform our communities,

Kirstie Donnelly: This is our act now moment for lifelong learning

11.12.2020 11th December 2020
Graeme Atherton

Kirstie Donnelly says the current challenges we face make this an 'act now' moment for lifelong learning.

Tom Schuller: Learning from Learning Through Life

10.12.2020 10th December 2020
Graeme Atherton

Tom Schuller on what has changed and what remains the same ten years on from the seminal 'Learning through Life' report.

Gordon Marsden: Scrapping the Union Learning Fund is an act of economic vandalism

8.12.2020 8th December 2020
Graeme Atherton

Scrapping the Union Learning Fund is a spiteful act of economic vandalism says Gordon Marsden.

Read our launch statement

8.12.2020 8th December 2020
Graeme Atherton

Read our call for the statutory right to learn throughout life.